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Friends of Homewood Grounds is a community association made up of friends, visitors and neighbours of the Homewood.  All of us are concerned about the natural, cultural and heritage value of the property.  While the Homewood Campus is privately owned, it is supported by and benefits our entire community. We believe that while the property and its utilitarian value belongs to Schlegel Holdings Inc. - its natural functions and heritage beauty belongs to our entire community. 

Having you involved helps bring more weight and authority to our group.  Add your voice, and stay updated with the latest developments:

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Our vision

Friends of Homewood Grounds is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization that has been established to raise concerns about the impact of proposed changes to the historic Homewood Health Centre property in Guelph. Our objectives are to develop awareness about the proposed changes to the Homewood property, to build expertise and relationships with a network of experts, and to advocate for changes that respect the cultural, environmental and historic assets of the Homewood campus.

We aim to bring community input into the planning process for development of the Homewood grounds, to enhance the overall outcome for all parties.  We are interested in having meaningful and ongoing discussions with Schlegel Health Care Inc. and the City of Guelph about any proposed changes to the Homewood property.

We are asking that:

  • The City of Guelph keeps Guelph residents informed about any proposed changes to the Homewood grounds through a real and authentic engagement.

  • Schlegel Health Care Inc. publicly shares its long-term vision for the Homewood campus and in particular the part of the property (14.3 acres) that it is proposing to sever.

  • Schlegel Health Care Inc. makes a public commitment to protect and enhance the most important cultural and natural heritage features on the Homewood property.  These assets include the largest tree canopy in Downtown Guelph, the historic and sorely neglected gatehouse on Arthur St, and the Second Nurses’ Residence.

  • The City of Guelph maintain the commitments it has made through various planning documents and policies to protecting and sustaining Homewood’s important cultural and natural heritage.

  • The City of Guelph work with the community and the property owner to identify, evaluate and designate the most important cultural heritage buildings, assets and landscapes on the Homewood campus.  In Ontario, properties can only be protected and its history celebrated for the long-term, through the municipal by-law designation and heritage conservation easement agreements (enabled through the Ontario Heritage Act). 

Other ways you can help:

Contact elected officials at the City of Guelph to ask for more public engagement.

Mayor Cam Guthrie

Councilor James Gordon
Ward 2
519-822-1260 extension 2504
Mobile: 519-827-6481

Councilor Andy Van Hellemond
519-822-1260 x 2503
Mobile: 226-820-5073

Heritage Guelph is an appointed committee of City Council that includes members of the public and City staff.  Heritage Guelph is responsible for advising Council on matters relating to the architectural, cultural and landscape heritage of the city, and may be contacted to request the ability to delegate an item that is on a Heritage Guelph agenda.  The committee meets monthly.

Contact Heritage Guelph:
c/o Stephen Robinson
Senior Heritage Planner
City of Guelph
519-837-5616, ext. 2496